– Online since 1998, has provided diet and weight loss information as well as a way to chart and graph an individual’s weigbt progress. The concept started by the owner who charted his weight on an excel spreadsheet and then wrote the code to bring it to the internet. To this day, he and many others still use the charting features.

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is a lead generation amd discount coupon distribution portal where each local Las Vegas business has a unique landing page to market their business, distribute special offers or coupons and capture leads for potential customers. The system includes immediate lead notification to the business, immediate email response to potential customers with distribution of tickets, coupons or special offers. No longer do businesses need to modify their websites. The complete system is here along with a unique URL which can be incorporated into their existing website or not. Why discount your services over 75% with sites like Groupon when you can discount less and control your marketing.

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“We Remember These” is a book being developed about the fond memories of things we watched, used, ate, listened to, drank, played with, wore and talked about in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. The idea started from a threaded discussion on FaceBook when the authors realized the huge differences in things we do today and the way baby boomers grew up. A strong desire and need to preserve and pass on to the following generations the way the things we use and do everyday were developed. The project is being financed and promoted through a very popular crowd funding website, which is a story unto itself. The public can follow the crowd funding progress live and contribute to the content of the book as well through the website.

Wanted: Content Contributors, Book Purchasers and Crowd Funding Contributors.
is the first and only book and website listing the people who lead, promote, build, attract and define the most exciting city in the world – Las Vegas, Nevada. Nominations for inclusion are now open. Residents of Las Vegas who have made significant contributions or achievements in the Arts, Entertainment, Business, Community, Charity, Education, Legal, Medicine, Philanthropy, Media, Real Estate, Sports and Politics can now be nominated.

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– Online since 2008, has been a source of information about the happenings in Las Vegas. Press releases from Las Vegas shows and businesses as well as stories, event coverage and reviews written about Las Vegas happenings by Las Vegas based writers keep the content fresh and ongoing.

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 The longest running online radio show (since 2004) interviewing top performers and personalities from Las Vegas. The entertainment focused show hosted by Charlie Bass, covers the people who make things happen in Las Vegas as well as the performers who entertain our guests.

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